Q-Buffers was founded, and is run by, Kevin and his wife, whose background is closely associated with the service providing end of the nail care industry. Being experienced nail technicians and owners of a thriving nail salon, they have an in depth knowledge of techniques used and a thorough understanding of issues that arise in taking care of the needed of clients.

Realizing the need for tools to help nail technicians overcome the flaws of manual techniques, Kevin and wife decided to give up their nail salon business and embrace their new endeavour. Since he founded Q-Buffers in 1999, the business has been on a path of healthy growth with more and more products invented and brought to the market. Q-Buffers is now an established player in the nail suppliers industry that is widely known and trusted by nail shops and technicians, alike, around the globe.

To achieve a high level of trust and popularity, Q-Buffers has brought their customers better products at very competitive pricing. On top of that sensible approach, Q-Buffers always makes sure the service and support being rendered will leave a long lasting impression with anyone who does business with them.

We know what you need. We invented the best tools for you.